Clear FX Poxy

Premium Clear FX PoxyTM is FDA food safe and engineered to be the clearest, most durable, UV and heat-resistant (up to 500F/260C), maintenance free epoxy on the market. Cover your newly built or existing countertops, bartops or tabletops with our professional grade solid resin epoxy for a lifetime finish. Apply Premium Clear FX Poxy directly over concrete, wood, MDF, Formica/laminate, ceramic, porcelain, tile, granite, quartz, marble, all types of metal and virtually any other surface you can imagine. Choose from 2 Quarts, 1 Gallon, or 2 Gallon size Premium Clear FX Poxy. One gallon covers approximately 20-25 square feet at 100 mils of thickness. Premium Clear FX Poxy is a 100% solids 2-part epoxy resin mixed at a 1:1 ratio. Perfect for clear, glossy indestructible, UV and heat-resistant coating. You may also add colors from our  100% compatible FX Base Colors and Metallic Colors to create natural stone or other creative patterns.  
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