Countertop Epoxy FX Poxy Flooring Epoxy is designed to coat any flooring surface or substrate including new or damaged concrete, tile, wood, linoleum and other surfaces with a 100 mil thick, ultra UV resistant, extremely shock and scratch resistant floor that exceeds performance standards of epoxy paints and other inferior coatings. 

More than just a coating, FX Poxy Flooring Epoxy penetrates, seals and bonds with concrete creating a permanent, monolithic floor that resists hydrostatic pressure, impacts, chemicals, stains and bacteria or other microorganisms while permeating fractures, bonding damaged concrete, flexing, and resisting slab movement. Over tile, FX Poxy Flooring Epoxy bonds with ceramic or other types of tile, permeates and seals unsanitary grout lines and creates the same monolithic floor surface as concrete. While FX Poxy Flooring Epoxy protects flooring substrates from shock impacts and damage, it is also easier on your joints, similar to the difference between walking on wood vs concrete. 

Recently, Countertop Epoxy has updated our Flooring Epoxy with an improved 2 to 1 formula (2 parts part A - Resin to 1 part B - Hardener) that covers up to 60-150 square feet per 3 gallon kit. This new formula is much less likely to fish eye, leaving your floors with a glass-smooth finish even on thinner coats. While we still recommend going a full 100 mils thick for maximum impact resistance, the benefit of this is it allows application of a thinner layer with less of a chance of fish eyes when recoating. 

Please note: when applying coats thinner than 100 mils, you may need to use additional colorant to ensure color blocking.

FX Poxy Flooring Kits are designed to add the same perceived value to your home as a solid slab of marble, travertine, limestone, granite, soapstone, quartz or other natural stone, without the disadvantages of stone such as porosity (which requires regular sealing/resealing and maintenance), limited resistance to chemicals and stains, and higher installation costs in both time and money. In addition, with our kits you can create the exact color, look and pattern that you desire with dramatically easier installation, maintenance and repair compared to stone.


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