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Can't thank you enough. Our kitchen went from crappy to happy, I will be ordering more product soon so we can do our fire place surround.

Kathy and Tom Pfeifer from Hawaii

Thank you for all your help in preparation knowledge. Everyone was so helpful. Benches have a maple metallic sealer coat with a clear pour top. cracks and wormholes were taped and filled with ebony / silver metallic blend. Starting on the next 2 for are Lonetree store. Will be ordering soon. Really happy

Douglas Barenburg from Denver

We bought our first kit " Turquoise Nebula" based on the video. It is somewhat different in color than what we saw, but the overall ease of application and finished product are really amazing. Sprayed colored powders with rubbing alcohol for an additional effect. One point to consider though, don't mix too much accent color epoxy if you are going to have to mix a second round of base epoxy. Make only a little accent color as it will harden and get really hot while you are waiting for the second round of base color. Aside from that learning experience, we liked the result so much that we ordered a second kit to do our dining table. For this, we ordered the smaller kit ( 1 gallon total mixture ).This turned out exceptional as well. We again sprayed the mikah powder mixed with alcohol which formed what look like craters on a planet. Beautiful effect. Great customer service. Fast shipping; and lots of "how to" vids available.

George Warnell from Washington

It was definitely easier than I thought it would be. I took all your advice. I waited about 20 minutes and sprayed on the green powder as you directed. We only used a small amount. WOW….It transformed to a different shape and color as it flowed around. 20 minutes later we torched the top. I think it came out TERRIFIC and NO BUBBLES, smooth as glass. My son and I are really impressed…It looks great.

Mark Kilty from Texas

Attached are the before and after pictures of our kitchen cabinets. We built the countertops ourselves from raw wood and then used your premium fxpoxy with a black base coat. I love the effects, with the exception of one little edge/corner that bubbled too late in the drying process to really do anything about. I would give your product a 5 out of 5 stars! I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy the new countertops. And I look forward to talking to you again in the future.

Jen Miller from Iowa

Hi, I recently got a phone call for before and after photos. I'm sending a lot, so sorry! Love the look and durability of your product. Exceeded all of our expectations. Easy to do and great price! Thank you!!

Debra Sanchez from Portland, Oregon

I used your product and this is what I ended up with...thanks so much for a great product and such good advice on how to correctly use it. This was my first use on any project of any type of pour. I couldn't be happier. Thank you.

Tim Jennings

This sign was put out about a year ago. Its double sided, the red and black are mixed epoxy poured into routed out design. Then covered the entire sign on both sides with your clear epoxy. I just wanted to say how amazed I am so far with your product. It still looks like the first day I put it out. This sign is right beside a major road and get a lot of dirt and crap thrown on it. I can honestly say I will never do another outdoor sign not finished with your epoxy.

Charles Platt from Springfield, OH