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Endless Possibilities with Countertop Epoxy

Posted by Madison on

The best part about epoxy is the limit-less opportunities to create something unique, and custom to you every time. Even with something as basic as a countertop or a floor, the results are jaw-dropping. But you do not have to stop at countertops, you can epoxy almost anything! We compiled a few pictures to inspire your creative side.

Yes, that is an epoxied guitar. We mean it when we say you can epoxy almost anything! Got an old guitar laying around that needs sprucing up? Epoxy it!

This ceiling was in our old headquarters office. Done by using FX poxy on an MDF board then adhering the board to the ceiling. Amazing accent to any room!

Just when you thought the guitar was going to be the craziest thing you’ve seen epoxied… Make an awesome motorcycle even better with crazy epoxy colors!

This desk is in one of our offices. Geodes were cast into the epoxy, and a black light put in beneath to cause the glow at night.

Did you know you can epoxy vinyl stickers and even paper? Here is the Harley Davidson logo epoxied to become a durable piece in your office or shop.

Want to epoxy a firepit? Not a problem! We love the accent epoxy give this otherwise boring fire pit. Not to mention the durability to protect the firepit from shoes, fire, marshmallow messes and more!

Casting wine corks is an awesome gift idea, and comes in handy as a table when the wine is spilled! Easy cleanup, and perfect conversation piece.