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Masterclass Epoxy Workshop

Diamond System #1: Countertops

•  Epoxy basics
•  Bidding and measuring
• Building new countertops vs coating existing
•  Masking and protecting job sites.
•  How to prep tile, laminate, stone or wood
•  How to mix and add colors
•  Timing and temperature
• How to create different  designs working with liquid and metallics
• How to deal with verticals, edges, drains and undermount sinks. 
• How to fix damaged epoxy
• How to de gloss or polish any surface 

Diamond System #2: Floors

• Prepping the surface
• How to deal with settling, fractures or spalling concrete
• Moisture testing, and how to deal with moisture in a slab
• Surface grinding and prep
• Applying a Seal Coat
• Coating over different surfaces including, tile, concrete, wood, laminate, etc
• Measuring floors
• Transitions
• Cove Base Systems
• Mica Flake Floors

Diamond System #3: Supertraxx™ Outdoor Coating

• Prepping the multiple types of interior and exterior surfaces
• Fix unstable, failing or spalled concrete
• Fractures and expansion joints
• Bonding to asphalt
• Applying different Seal Coats, • Polyurethanes, and Polyaspartics 
• Thin and thick-mil epoxy pours
• Traction options: Sand, traction powder, glass beads, etc, why, when and where
• Custom borders and patterns
• Cost and jobsite planning

 Diamond System #4: Non-Sag

• Applying Diamond Non-Sag over different wall surfaces including tile, drywall concrete and more
• Prepping the walls floors, counters, or ceilings 
• Using the Non-Sag to fill in grout lines and cracks as a preparation product as well as highly decorative and durable finishes in wet areas such as showers
• Using our True Metal™ Epoxy Coating for luxury options

Diamond System #5: Tubs and Sinks

• Prepping tubs or sinks
• High strength zero voc with endless design options 
• Applying the Diamond Tub Coat to the sink or bathtub

Business Workshop

• Marketing 
• Bidding jobs
• Home shows, farmers markets, and lead retention
• Connect with other installers