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Flooring Instructions

Download Instructions Here

  • Power Drill for Mixing
  • Clean Mixing Paddle
  • FX PoxyTM Flooring Epoxy Kits
  • Regular Smooth Squeegee
  • 1/4" V-Notched Squeegee
  • Paint Roller with Extension
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves
  • Angle Grinder and/or Sandpaper
  • Caulking Gun with DAP Caulk
  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Floor Patch Material


One FX PoxyTM Flooring Epoxy Kit contains enough epoxy to cover 60 to 150 square feet of sub-flooring, depending on how porous the substrate is, whether you're going over tile or smooth concrete, and how thick you need your floor, although we recommend going a full 1/8" thick.


  1. Clean floor of all loose old coatings, oils, and dirt.
  2. Patch cracks, expansion joints, and low spots with Floor Patch.
  3. After patches have cured, sand or grind patch spots to feather out high spots and make surface smooth and even.
  4. Caulk plumbing, electrical or gas penetrations and under baseboards if necessary. Block floor registers with foil tape.
  5. Clean floor surface until it is dust and particle free.


Ensure that the floor surface temperature is at least 70° Fahrenheit (21C). Cooler temperatures will cause a slower cure rate, “fish eyes,” or improper curing. This step is critical. If not sure, use an IR thermometer to measure actual floor temperature, which can be 10+ degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. 

Product temperature may lower dramatically during transit.. The product and ambient temperature must be between 70°-75° when mixing. Lower temperatures will affect the integrity of the cured epoxy. Please acclimate your epoxy to a 70 degree room first before use.

Ensure FX PoxyTM Flooring Epoxy product temperature is also at 70°-75°F (21-24C). This is just as critical as room and floor temperature. Cooler temperatures make mixing more difficult and cause incorrect curing. Hotter temperatures cause epoxy resin to cure more rapidly and shorten working time.

For porous substrates (e.g. concrete, unfinished wood or OSB) mix a small quantity of clear or colored epoxy (following steps 3-4 below) and use a squeegee to apply a very thin skim coat, sealing the surface. Wait a minimum of 6 hours after skim coating before applying the flood coat. 


Pour color packet into clean mixing container, followed by 2 parts Resin A into bucket then 1 part Hardener B by volume into a clean mixing container. Mix the epoxy with a slow speed drill with a mixing paddle attachment. Blend for 3 - 4 minutes. Carefully scrape the sides and the bottom of the pail during mixing. Be careful not to mix too fast, as it will create air bubbles in the epoxy that will be difficult to remove later on.


Immediately after mixing is complete, pour all of your mixed FX PoxyTM Flooring Epoxy onto floor, evenly coating the edges of the room first and working your way towards the door. Pour up to base boards and allow epoxy to level approximately even with bottom of base. Using a ¼” V-notched squeegee, spread product, pulling towards yourself to distribute slowly and evenly, ensuring even coverage. WARNING: BE SURE TO POUR ALL OF THE MIXED FX POXY FLOORING EPOXY ONTO FLOOR, AS IT WILL CURE MUCH MORE RAPIDLY IF LEFT IN THE BUCKET AND SHORTEN WORKING TIME.

NOTE: If necessary, after using the squeegee, you can back and cross roll the floor with a paint roller for a smoother surface. If proper temperature and mixing guidelines are followed, product will not start to cure on floor for 30 minutes to 1 hour, allowing time to spread evenly for self-leveling.


Using spray bottle, apply accent colors using FX Metallic PowderTM mixed well with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Continue to shake bottle periodically to keep accent colors well-distributed, otherwise they will settle. When finished, spray clear isopropyl over the top to help level and release air bubbles. If necessary you may wear spiked shoes to access areas that are difficult to reach. WARNING: AVOID OPEN FLAMES, AND NEVER USE A TORCH TO LEVEL EPOXY OR RELEASE BUBBLES WHEN SPRAYING ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL ON EPOXY FLOORING.

NOTE: For floors 200 sq ft and over, it is recommended to have a helper. One person can be mixing epoxy while the other one is pouring. For floors 1000 sq ft and over, two or more helpers are recommended – one mixing, one pouring and one spreading and/or applying accent colors. This way it is possible to do an entire house in just a few hours.

THAT'S IT, YOU'RE DONE! Wait at least 48 hours before walking on your floor, and longer before placing heavy objects on floor. Epoxy takes 30 days to cure to full hardness. 


We have the friendliest most experienced staff in the industry, and for no additional cost, we will be happy to walk you through the entire process. Call Now at (970) 639-9338 to speak one-on-one with one of our professional installers.