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Epoxy Resin Workshop

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Epoxy Resin Workshop

Choose a skill you want to
learn, or learn them all!

Day One: Basics of Epoxy

Day Two: Countertops

Day Three: Floors

Day Four: Wall Systems

Cost: $299 the first day and $99 each additional day

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

Date: April 3rd - 6th 

Want to learn a profitable and modern approach to construction business?
Countertop Epoxy offers an information packed class for anyone who
wants to learn how to redo their kitchen or start up a niche business. You
do not need any prior construction experience or knowledge and you
choose what you want to learn. Just sign up for the class days that appeal
to you or sign up for all four days.

Future Workshop Dates are:

April 3rd - 6th 

May 22nd - 25th

July 3rd - 6th

August 22nd - 24th

October 9th - 12th

December 4th - 7th