Faux Rizzle has moved!

Our products have moved over to our sister company, Countertop Epoxy. We still have all the same great products, just a new website! 


At Countertop Epoxy, we make it a goal of ours to give back to organizations that we believe make a difference. A portion of each of your sales will be donated to one of the following Non-profits. We would like to share some of these non profit organizations with our customers so that they can learn about why we think they do such an amazing job in our local community or around the world.
Right now we are trying to raise money to help pay for one of our dealer's medical bills. If you would like to learn more or make a donation, here is his GoFundMe page:

The BackPack Program

Kids Aid is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing for the needs of children, with a primary focus on supplying food to hungry kids. In collaboration with the local school district, our Backpack Program sends food donations home with children who otherwise would go hungry over the weekend. If you would like learn more and make a donation, here is the website for more information: