​3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using FX Black Label

​3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using FX Black Label

May 26th 2020

There are so many different epoxy resins on the market today, and it can be difficult to know which is right for you. Here at Countertop Epoxy, we’ve worked closely with our team of chemists to produce an epoxy that we’re extremely proud of, and we think a quick look at the benefits of our flagship epoxy will show you why!

  1. Health Benefits (Almost Too Many to Count!)

This is a biggie – FX Black Label is a purpose-built epoxy designed to remove a handful of hazardous ingredients found in other epoxies, each of which pose a number of health risks. These include nonylphenol, bisphenol-A (BPA), isobenzyl alcohol, and trifunctional amines. What is it about these ingredients that’s so bad? The collective potential hazards of these ingredients include hormonal disruption, reproductive harm, proliferation of breast cancer cells, birth defects, skin and eye irritation, brain and heart problems, severe itching, pain, rashing, destruction to respiratory tissues, and severe skin burns. At Countertop Epoxy, we want to make sure our customer base gets the healthiest product possible, so we removed these harmful ingredients altogether. All of this is in addition to an epoxy that, like all of our epoxies, has no toxic fumes, solvents, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While we always recommend our customers utilize adequate PPE and ventilation procedures when working with any chemicals, we stand by the health and safety benefits of FX Black Label.

  1. 30% Harder, Faster (Better and Stronger Too!)

An additional benefit of FX Black Label is its rapid cure. While the working time for Black Label is identical to that of our regular FX Premium epoxy, once it does begin the curing process, it cures harder much faster. After 24 hours of cure time, a countertop poured with FX Black Label is much harder and more scratch resistant than a countertop poured with FX Premium. In addition, once the full cure has taken place, the countertop poured with FX Black Label will be 30% harder than one poured with FX Premium. If you’re looking for a durable, scratch-resistant surface that will last a lifetime with proper care, it’s hard to beat FX Black Label.

  1. Easy to Use, Harder to See!

With identical viscosity between parts A and B, Black Label is very easy to mix. This will make it easier for users to get a more accurate epoxy mixture. As we all know, mixing epoxy properly is vitally important to achieve a durable and long lasting countertop. Coupled with a crystal clear transparency for both parts A and B, we think it’s easy to see what a quality product FX Black Label is. Whether you’re pouring countertops, coasters, or coffee tables, we’re sure FX Black Label will turn your next project into a total success!