3​ Ways To Add SuperTraxx to Your Home

3​ Ways To Add SuperTraxx to Your Home

Published by Ethan Storeng on Jul 10th 2020

The pictures don’t lie. SuperTraxx is a beautiful, epoxy-based surface that can turn any outdoor surface

into a beautiful, long-lasting work of functional art. As the summer months start to heat up your home,

it’s only natural to start thinking about improvements you can make to turn your backyard into a

masterpiece. There are a number of amazing attributes that recommend the use of SuperTraxx in almost

any application, including unparalleled durability, flexibility, and color stability. We focused on three of

our favorite applications for our SuperTraxx system, any of which could turn a drab backyard into a fab


1. Cheer Up Your Sad Patio

Time is not always kind to an aging patio. Wooden patios are prone to weathering, splintering, and

warping. Concrete patios fall victim to unwanted fracturing and spalling. No matter what kind of patio

you’re looking to revitalize, our SuperTraxx system can be used to reclaim the aesthetic and function of

your worn-out patio and turn it into a safe and beautiful showpiece that will make your whole backyard

seem brand new! From UV-resistant color stability to epoxy-strengthened foundational stability, your

new patio will be sure to stand the test of time and make you proud!

2. Turn Your Sidewalks from a Disasterpiece to a Masterpiece

As any homeowner with backyard sidewalks knows, no amount of careful installation, precisely-cut

expansion joints, and loving upkeep can prevent your beautiful surface from staining, spalling, and

fracturing. Fortunately, SuperTraxx can refresh your tired, damaged sidewalks without having to tear

anything out! You’ll love the professional look and built-in texture of your new SuperTraxx sidewalk,

which will be sure to entice the footsteps of any visitor to your updated outback!

3. Put Some Professional Polish on Your Played Out Pool

Now we arrive at the ultimate upgrade to any backyard – updating your swimming pool with a stunning

SuperTraxx makeover! One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when selecting a surface for your

swimming pool is in the extreme temperature variance you’ll face throughout. It can be difficult for most

substances to adequately expand and contract with the abrupt shift in temperature over a short physical

space. Fortunately, that’s what our Outdoor Flex – the very foundation of our SuperTraxx system – was

made to do! With SuperTraxx installed in your pool, you won’t have to worry about abrupt temperature

shifts resulting in unsightly cracks along your application. With SuperTraxx’s foot-friendly traction, you

won’t have to worry about any swimmers being unable to find their footing. And with an array of colors

and blends to choose from, you’ll be able to find a SuperTraxx solution for your pool that will make it a

stunning centerpiece that will leave every visitor to your backyard green with envy!

No matter what you’re looking to refresh or revitalize in your backyard this summer, SuperTraxx is there

to make sure your backyard is bangin’! Give us a call at 970-639-9338 today to discuss what SuperTraxx

can do for you, or visit us at to place your order today!