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Bake Cookies on your Food Safe Countertops

Posted by Anna on

One of the many benefits of FX Poxy that is sometimes overlooked is the antimicrobial quality this product creates once it is applied to your countertop. Because the epoxy is non-porous and makes your countertops seamless, no bacteria is able to get trapped underneath the surface. Once cured, FX Poxy is 100% food safe. Many of our customers tell us they feel very comfortable using their FX Poxy countertops. Some people even mix foods directly on their countertops when cooking or baking.

Foods prepared on natural countertop surfaces that are not preserved with FX Poxy countertop epoxy

Many common surface materials such as tile, granite and butcher block seem like great choices when choosing a countertop, but they are very porous, also having grout lines and seams. This is an easy way to collect a lot of bacteria inside the countertop where it will come in contact with food, something to keep in mind when choosing a countertop material. You can improve the bacterial resistance of even these natural materials by installing a skim coat over the top. For a deeper more glossy protective surface, you can poor a flood coat 1/8" thick.