Pouring an Epoxy Floor for Veterans Art Center

Pouring an Epoxy Floor for Veterans Art Center

Published by Madison Ragar on Aug 4th 2017

We absolutely love our workshops. Everything from meeting different people, seeing what they can create, and being able to help people gain a skill in a niche market that is profitable AND fun is awesome. What’s even better is being able to teach others, while providing a service to our community! Each time we hold a class we try to find a business, individual, nonprofit, etc. that is in need of a new countertop or a new floor. By doing this we are helping ourselves grow as teachers and a team, we are helping our guests gain valuable knowledge and skills, and we’re helping our community in need. 

Pouring an Epoxy Floor

Our latest Advanced Flooring class was able to help us pour an epoxy floor for our local Veterans' Art Center. The floor was poured on cement, after carpet had been pulled up and removed. It was diamond grinded to remove high spots and crack patch was used in any cracks, or joints. We poured a skim coat the first day, and came back the second to pour the flood coat. The Art Center chose our Metallic Almond Base color, with brown and light brown accents. It turned out gorgeous, and is the new floor for their showroom.

Almond epoxy floor at Veterans Administration Center

Check out the video of the process here:

What will we do next? If you are local to Grand Junction, Colorado let us know if you have any ideas! Questions on classes, flooring, or anything else? Call us at 970.639.9338 or email us at: