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Quick and Easy Fixes for Old or Boring Kitchens | Countertop Epoxy Blog

Posted by Madison Ragar on

You either have a seriously old kitchen that belongs in the time of poodle skirts and beehive hair-dos, or you’ve got the cookie-cutter builder kitchen with no uniqueness or color. Either way… icky. You really want to just gut the whole thing and create the kitchen of your dreams but who has the time or the money for that? Plus, there could be a hidden gem under there you won’t see until you’ve put a little elbow grease and creativity into your kitchen you have now. Here’s some ideas to transform your kitchen from nay to YAY, and get you started: 

1. Use paint to your advantage! Go paint crazy! Walls, cabinets, furniture, islands, etc. You have the power to paint virtually anything you don’t like the look of currently. The transformation when you paint dark cabinets to light or vise-versa is absolutely incredible. Paint an accent wall to open up the space and create dimension. A popular fad lately is painting a wall, cabinet, or even refrigerator with black chalk paint! It is fun and aesthetically pleasing, as well as keeps your grocery list or recipe organized and top-of-mind.

chalk board wall countertop epoxy

2.Change or add a backsplash! Older houses as well as many new builds tend to fore-go the backsplash and leave you with a big open space between your countertop and cabinets. Fill the void and demand the presence of visitor’s eyes to your new sparkly, fresh backsplash. Use tile, paint, or try  FX Metallic Wall to create a unique and decorative accent to your kitchen. Almost as shockingly different as painting your cabinets, backsplashes are a great way to modernize your kitchen

white marble kitchen epoxy countertop

3.Hardware upgrade! Maybe you love the look of your cabinets and the color but the handles and knobs are used and looking a little tired. Change out the hardware and go modern with square knobs and handles or funky and fun with colorful hardware. It may be a small change but it is a world of difference in your kitchen.

4.Refinish your countertops! They are easily one of the most used part of a kitchen, so they’re bound to need an upgrade at some point. The options to freshen up your countertops without breaking the bank are wide open, although we do personally suggest  epoxy as the best option ;), and will liven up your kitchen immediately. Change your boring laminate countertops to a copper patina or white marble without having to rip out your existing countertops and go through the drain and stress of putting in new ones. Refinishing is a great option and there are many ways to do it!

brown marble epoxy countertop

5.Create more space, add an island! Not only do islands give you extra workroom, but they help break up a basic L-shaped countertop or awkward kitchen area. I know the word island sounds expensive, but there are an enormous amount of DIY ideas out there to create your own! From wood to dressers or even wash tubs with butcher block tops, create an awesome, unique centerpiece for your kitchen. Check out a how-to video of creating a Butcher Block Countertop with an Epoxy Coating.

. copper patina epoxy countertop

6.Out with the old and in with the new furniture! The easiest option of them all is to finally toss those old wood chairs with ratty, outdated covers and buy some modern metal stools or faux distressed bar chairs. No matter how old or new your kitchen is, it (and YOU) deserve to have some gorgeous furniture to eat your meals on and enjoy your company. DIY your own new covers and even build your own furniture. Make it fun and add your own unique taste to your kitchen furniture! 

kitchen bar epoxy countertop