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How to Build a Seamless (and Easy to Clean) Bathroom

Posted by Kristin Nordhausen on

When remodeling your bathroom for a seamless finish, it is important to be conscientious about the design and materials you use. Grout lines, lots of glass, and small nooks and crannies, can make for a difficult to clean and cluttered bathroom.

In this blog post we will go over:

  • Seamless materials you can use for your floors and walls.
  • How to design an open concept bathroom.
  • Current seamless bathroom design trends.

Are you ready to create a seamless and easy to clean bathroom? Think of this blog as your guide to creating an easy to clean bathroom.

Seamless Bathroom Materials

One rule of a seamless bathroom, is to avoid grout lines at all costs. If you must use tile, try using larger tiles to minimize on the amount of grout lines. In this way you can reduce the amount of upkeep and deep cleaning a bathroom requires.

So, what would you use instead of tile for a seamless finish? If you are looking for a low cost solution while you wait to put in your finished floor, laminate is a good solution, but, it is not as long lasting or waterproof as other solutions.

For a long term and waterproof solution, we recommend concrete or epoxy flooring. The benefits of using epoxy is that is a simple process for any homeowner to install, it is also waterproof. You could have a seamless floor in your shower that extends through the rest of the bathroom! The epoxy will go over most existing floors in your bathroom and throughout the home.

Epoxy can also be used on your shower walls, or extend it through your entire bathroom! We offer a wall epoxy that you can trowel onto the wall. Another option for an epoxy wall would be to pour on panels, like you would a countertop, to create natural stone "slabs" for the bathroom. This is a classy and waterproof solution for your bathroom.

Seamless Design Solutions

When remodeling your bathroom, to create a seamless finish, it is important to plan out your bathroom using some design solutions. If possible, you should try to create a wet zone for your shower or bath. The goal of the wet zone is to eliminate the need for a shower surround by allowing a splash zone for the shower. With waterproof walls and floors this is a possibility.

Another design solution to keep in mind are wall mount sinks and toilets. By keeping as much of your designs off of the floor you will create a more seamless design. It also adds modernity to the space!

This seamless bathroom makes cleaning, and maintenance an easy wipe down of the entire bathroom. Do you have questions about remodeling your bathroom with epoxy? Call our technical support at 970.639.9338, we would be happy to walk you through the process!