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Countertop Epoxy's revolutionary FxPoxy flooring system is changing the market. This specially formulated, 2 to 1 epoxy, is up to 10 times thicker than any other epoxy. This is the most elegant, and cost effective way to finish a floor. This is not like any flooring product you have ever seen. It is a very thick, marble like, high traffic, commercial grade flooring and you can do it yourself. It is a beautiful way to finish a damaged or out dated floor, and in most cases you can just pour over the old floor. This is a 100% solids product that does not blush or fade, and color options are endless. Your floor will be one seamless easy to clean area, with extreme durability.

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    Endless design and color choices for the same price. Match your home's interior with many different color combinations.

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    Heat resistant up to 500 degrees, five times stronger than concrete, and shock resistant meaning you can drop something heavy on the surface and it will not break.

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    This antimicrobial surface will not trap germs and is more resistant to staining. It is easy to clean and great to safe to cook and eat on.

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    this system is resistant to fade or yellow from the sun and can be used on outdoor applications.

Benefits of FX Poxy

  • Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content), which means no solvents or harmful odors to breathe
  • No need to wear a respirator or worry about ventilation before, during or after application
  • Seamless, rock hard and non-porous, which eliminates staining and there is no need to reseal like natural stone
  • No unsanitary joints or grout lines that attract bacteria, yeast, fungi or other microorganisms
  • Highest UV-resistance in the industry, safe for both Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • Non-yellowing and non-fading when applied according to instructions, creating a lifetime finish
  • Heat resistant to 500F (260C), more than twice as hot as boiling water!
  • Heat resistant enough to set a hot pan directly from burner to countertop - See Video
  • Rock hard, durable, scratch & impact resistant to 15,000 psi, five times stronger than concrete
  • Thickness of 100 mils or more, creating an extreme 3D effect
  • More than fifteen times thicker than most epoxies on the market
  • Quick application, ready to use in as little as 36 hours and 100% odor-free

What you can Refinish 

  • Formica
  • Tile
  • Concrete
  • Wood Floor
  • Marble
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Plywood or MDF/MDX
  • Vitually any other surface!

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