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Urethane Top Coat



5 gallons of 40% Urethane will cover 900 - 1400 square feet. 5 Gallons of 65% Urethan will cover 400 - 800 square feet over sand or 1500 - 2500 square feet regularly This aliphatic urethane is the strongest, most scratch resistant urethane in the industry. Each coat of the 65% solids will leave approximately 8 times thicker than the average urethane top coat. The 40% leaves a 5 times thicker coating. Total UV protection Chemical resistant to most petroleum based fuels and solvents as well as well as salt and mag chloride. Each coating of our 65% solids leaves approximately 8 times thick with 1 coat than the average urethane top coat. The 40% leaves 5 times thicker. Leaves a durable coating that will look beautiful for years to come.

Product temperature may lower dramatically in transit during cooler times of the year. The product and ambient temperature must be between 70°-75° when mixing. Lower temperatures will affect the integrity of the cured epoxy. Please acclimate your epoxy to a 70 degree room first before use.


If you live west of the Mississippi River, you should order the CT436  (40%) Urethane. This may be applied directly to Super Traxx Outdoor Flex or Floor Epoxy without thinning. If you live east of the Mississippi River, you will have to order the CT437 (65%) Urethane, due to state laws concerning evaporative content (65% urethane means less volatile organic compounds). Thin CT437 with 20% Xylene before application by pouring into a graduated mixing bucket and adding 1 part Xylene to 4 parts CT437.Use a drill to stir the Xylene into the CT437 until it is mixed thoroughly, then apply. 

Whether using CT436 or CT437, if applying in heat or direct sunlight, this will cause air bubbles. To help mitigate, after the product has been applied, spray the entire surface with Xylene in a pump sprayer. For residents of California, which has laws different from the rest of the U.S., you will not be able to order the 40% or the 65% urethane. Please give us a call and we will direct you to the correct product to order. 


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