3 Artists that are Transforming Fluid Resin Painting

3 Artists that are Transforming Fluid Resin Painting

Published by Kristin Nordhausen on Nov 30th 2017

Fluid paintings use acrylics, resin, and canvases to create stunning works of art. Over the years, Countertop Epoxy has worked to connect with artists that are innovating and expanding the use of resin. Today, we would like to introduce our favorite artists to you, not only so you can enjoy their work, but also be inspired to create your own epoxy resin art in your home. 

Renee Mendler

Renee's contemporary art is created using acrylics and resin, as well as oil paintings. She is a self trained artist that was previously a math teacher for 10 years. She is often inspired by nature and bright effervescent colors. 

This ocean painting is an excellent example of what she can create using resin and acrylics. The fluidity of this art form fits perfectly when artists are looking to create aquatic inspired themes. 

Her playful approach to colors and motion can be seen throughout each of her pieces. One of our favorites of her work is when she unleashes wild colors onto a white backdrop. 

When Renee isn't busy being a stay at home mom to two, she is busy painting in her studio and dreaming up new and exciting artwork. 

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Catherine O'Dennis is the Resinista, her explosion of colors and bold themes make her an inspiring artist. The motion in each of her pieces is one aspect that sets her apart. 

She shares the satisfaction of fluid painting often on her social media pages. We love her spirited work and spunky pieces. 

The bright metallic colors she works with are inspired by nature and a vivid imagination. The effects she creates in each piece are gorgeous inspiration for a new countertop, wall, or floor design. 

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Iveta Horvath

Iveta Horvath is based in Napa Valley, California. She takes her inspiration from her home state and creates organic shapes and colors cascade in her resin paintings. 

Her ocean inspired fluid paintings are especially soothing and inspiring. The colors she uses for each project are true to nature and flow beautifully between each piece.

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