FX Gloss Flooring Epoxy 3 Gallon

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FX Gloss Flooring is an impact resistant and highly durable decorative flooring finish. This thin mil system is a forgiving product to install. Can be poured over unsealed concrete because of its ability to release bubbles. This 2:1 epoxy floor is designed to be poured from 10 mils to 100 mils thickness, perfect for industrial or residential settings. FX Gloss Flooring is 100% solids epoxy which can be poured over damaged concrete, linoleum, wood, laminate, and many other surfaces.

FX Gloss offers more coverage. Create natural stone inspired patterns using the Metallic Mica Powders or our Base Color. When adding color to a thin mil application of FX Gloss, you will need additional mica powder or Base Color to achieve a full color block. 


• Food safe, non-toxic application
• Zero VOC, which means no solvents or harmful odors
• Durable and scratch resistant to 15,000 psi, five times stronger than concrete
• Seamless and non-porous, which eliminates staining so no need to reseal
• Highest UV-resistance in the industry, safe for outdoor and indoor use
• Heat resistant to 500F (260C), more than twice as hot as boiling water
• Thickness of 100 mils, creating an extreme 3D effect
• Quick application, ready to use in as little as 36 hours 


Shipping is delayed for this product! Shipping should resume the first week of march.




*This kits comes with 2 jars of base color and 2 accent powders.

*We offer this product in 15 gallon kits as well! Please call the office to place the order so that we can help ensure you do not over/under order.

*During cold weather seasons, allow epoxy to acclimate to the proper temperature before use, as material may reach lower temperatures in transit.

*Typically to seal a substrate we pull one gallon of mixed epoxy up to 125 square feet; when doing your thick colored (or clear) Flood Coat we typically pull one gallon up to 50 square feet.


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