FX Non-Sag Epoxy

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Get the beauty of marble, granite, soapstone or Venetian Plaster. FX Non-Sag Epoxy is more versatile, impact and stain resistant than real marble, ultra UV resistant, lasts forever and is half the work. Ideal for showers, tub surrounds, backsplashes, kitchen & bathroom walls, entryways, decorative residential or commercial walls. No need for demolition; leave existing walls, tile, brick. Trowel directly over vertical tile, concrete, plaster, textured, painted or unpainted walls. Adheres to virtually any type of vertical surface. Never need to grout or seal again. Great coverage, one 3-quart kit will cover 50-100 sq ft depending on the smoothness of the surface.


FX Non-Sag Epoxy  can also be used to fill in fractures, gaps, damaged concrete as well as tile grout lines. Because this epoxy is flexible, it is ideal for application on damaged concrete that is prone to break due to thermal shock.  


• Odorless application
• Rock Hard Durability
• Easy to Clean and Maintain
• Highly UV Resistant
• Stain Resistant
• Seamless and Sanitary
• Non-yellowing, Non-Fading
• Endless Color & Design Options
• 100% safe for home use
• Zero VOC, no toxic fumes
• Non-flammable
• No toxic fumes or solvents
• No need to wear respirator 

This 3-quart kit will cover 50-100 sq ft depending on the smoothness of the surface. 

Please note that lighter colors such as Pearl, White, or Almond typically require a primer coat beneath it when coating over a darker color.
A White Pearl base will not color block.

 *During cold weather seasons, allow epoxy to acclimate to the proper temperature before use, as material may reach lower temperatures in transit.


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