Introductory + Advanced Epoxy Resin Workshop

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Would you like to become an expert at working with epoxy? This workshop is taught by the world's most experienced epoxy experts.


Get a comprehensive education of our countertop epoxy, flooring epoxy, wall epoxy, tub epoxy, and much more including advanced techniques and application methods! This workshop also includes lunch everyday at one of the best restaurants in town. 


In Countertop Epoxy's workshops, students get a hands-on course, which means that each student will get to mix, pour, and experience using this product before you install for your customer. Most workshops, we will take you to a real jobsite and you will get experience installing for a real customer. We want you to make mistakes with our experienced staff to help you! After this workshop, you will have the confidence and skills to successfully install epoxy and get jobs. 

Pool Coatings

In our next workshops, we will be going over how to pour our brand new pool coating.
We will be on an actual job site coating the pool you see below. The old liner has failed and we will be making this pool look amazing and modern. There are only some minor structural issues we will fix. We will be creating a white sand tanning deck that leads into a light Mediterranean blue epoxy coating that seamlessly goes up the walls and floor of the pool. The other end of the pool, we will be building a bar that they can swim up to. We will also be applying Supertraxx to the surrounding pool deck and patio.
This process is expected to take 3 - 5 months and every class we will be going to work on the pool and you will get hands-on experience with this process. If you are attending the class in an earlier stage, we will explain in depth what the next processes will be. We will do the same if you attend a workshop later in the process.

In all of our workshops you will learn:

• Marketing for epoxy
• How to bid jobs
• About how to prep surfaces
• How to pour over unusual surfaces
• How prep flooring as well as pour epoxy floors
• How to use our casting and wall products
• Receive lunch everyday 
• Basics of Epoxy
• Mixing
• Creating your own samples 
• Creating customer favorite samples that will make you money
• Marketing for epoxy
• How to bid jobs

In the Flooring portion of the Workshop, we will go over how to do the following: 

• Prepping your substrate
• Thin and thick-mil epoxy pours
• Mica Flake Flooring
• Outdoor Coatings
• Cove base systems 
• Urethane application
• Benefits of using each product

In the Casting Resin portion of the Workshop, we will go over how to do the following:

• How to use our Deep Pour Casting Resin
• How to use our Casting Resin in different applications 
• Benefits of using this product

In the Wall Epoxy and True Metal portion of the Workshop, we will go over how to do the following:

• Coating walls with our Metallic Wall Epoxy
• Coating countertops and other surfaces with our True Metal 
• Sanding True Metal 
• Benefits of using these products

In all of our workshops, you will learn the above information, but in each workshop we concentrate on one of our products 


October 31st - November 3rd - Epoxy Basics, Flooring, Supertraxx, and Tub Coating

- In this workshop, you will get hands-on experience coating a floor


December 5th - 8th - Epoxy Basics, Countertops and Tub Coating

- In this workshop, you will get hands-on experience coating a countertop



Diamond Coat 

787 Valley Ct

Grand Junction, CO 81505


*Due to future unknown Covid restrictions, workshop dates may unexpectedly have to change. Call our office if you have any questions or need assistance rescheduling for another class! 

*Once you've taken a class at our office, you can re-attend a workshop for a fee of $99 per workshop. Please call our office so that we can reserve your spot. *Exclusions may apply. 

*Must be 18 or older to participate.

*Must sign up for workshop before first day of class



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