Introductory + Advanced Epoxy Resin Workshop

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Would you like to become an expert at working with epoxy?
This workshop is taught by the world's most experienced epoxy experts.


Get a comprehensive education on our; countertop epoxy, casting epoxy, wall epoxy, flooring epoxy, tub epoxy, and much more including advanced techniques and application methods! We will go over marketing and bidding followed by a Q&A segement. In our Countertop Epoxy workshops, students will get a hands-on experience. We want you to make mistakes with our experienced staff so that we can explain the why and offer corrective options. Most workshops will involve real job site pours.

After this workshop, you will have the confidence and skills to successfully install epoxy and get jobs! 


* A potential 4th day of training may be offered to each workshop either to continue a flooring application and/or potentially go onsite to a pool! 
Factors beyond our control such as weather, onsite availability, and unknown hindering variables - can delay our application process.
Please plan your visit accordingly as this will be address during class if a 4th day is available! 


In ALL of our workshops you will learn:

• The basics of epoxy
• Marketing epoxy
• How to bid jobs
• How to prep surfaces
• How to pour over unusual surfaces
• About all of our epoxy products: countertop epoxy, casting epoxy, wall epoxy, tub epoxy and floor epoxy!

In the Flooring portion of the workshop, we will go over how to do the following: 

• Prep your substrate
• Thin and thick-mil epoxy pours
• Mica Flake Flooring

• Traction options
• Outdoor Coatings
• Cove base systems 
• Urethane application
• Benefits of using each product

In the Casting Resin portion of the workshop, we will go over how to do the following:

• How to prep a project for our Deep Pour Casting Resin
• How to use our Casting Resin in different applications 
• Benefits of using this product

In the Wall Epoxy and True Metal portion of the workshop, we will go over how to do the following:

• Coat walls with our Metallic Wall Epoxy
• Coat countertops and other surfaces with our True Metal 
• Sanding True Metal 
• Benefits of using these products

Common Questions:


What exactly will we be physically doing in class?
     All students will have their own stations where they will conduct their own sample boards. The concentration portion of the class will be more of a group participation project where the class will often
     be on a real job site.


Do I need prior epoxy experience?
     Not at all! Our classes consist of an array of individuals, some who've never touched epoxy to people who work with it for a living but want to learn how to work with a high quality long lasting epoxy. 

What time does class start?
     Class is from 9 am - 3 pm give or take an hour at the end of the day depending on what is going on in class at that time. If you arrive early please do not enter the building any earlier than 8:45 am,
     otherwise we will ask you to leave ... just kidding! You can certainly wait in our lobby if needed but please do not wander as it can be overwhelming for our staff to properly get everyone checked in.

Do I need to bring anything?
     A pen for notes, clothes you dont mind getting epoxy on, comfy shoes, and measurements! During your time here you will get an exclusive discount off your entire order. Our tech team will help
     calculate needed products and go over any application questions you may have. 

How will I survive the lunch hour?
     Our treat! We will take a lunch break everyday and pick up the tab at one of our favorite local restaurants! 

Where should we stay?
     We recommend staying downtown on Main Street or at a residential location within walking distance of Main Street. There's a handful of mom and pop shops, galleries, restaurants and
     breweries on the main strip. There's plenty to do all year around as well! Check out the link below for fun things to do while visiting.

Sounds like a good deal, any other benefits?
     Outside of working with some of the highest quality epoxies in the market and providing one of the most cost efficient indepth educational epoxy experiences - we have an amazing team ready to help
     throughout your epoxy journey. We help with quotes, troubleshooting, and are happy to go over any application questions you may have. After completing a class you will recieve a permanent discount
     all year around and can re-attend another class for just $99. We also offer bulk pricing for larger orders along with wholesale pricing for those interested in our Dealership program. Call in advance if you'd
     like more information before class starts.

Ok, I signed up - now what?
     Typically the week before class we will reach out to confirm your attendance. We will need email addresses of all steudents attending class as we will be sending out a form that needs to be compelted prior to class starting. We will also create your account with the email address provided, give you your temporary password, and make sure you can successfully log on prior to class starting as well. 

Where are you located?
     787 Valley Court, Grand Junction! Your GPS may take you down a neighboring road so please review the map provided below for guidence. Park to the right of the building in the student parking section.



*Due to future unknown Covid restrictions, workshop dates may unexpectedly have to change. Call our office if you have any questions or need assistance rescheduling for another class! 

*Must be 18 or older to participate.

*Must sign up for workshop before first day of class




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