Pearl FX Metallic Powder

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FX Metallic Powders are 100% compatible with our FX Poxy Premium Clear and FX Poxy Premium Colored Epoxies, as well as all of our FX Prime Coat Colors. When coating or refinishing your countertop, bartop or table top, use FX Metallic Powders as accent colors on top of your base coat or clear coat. This adds depth and helps to create a beautiful, natural 3D design. You can mix Pearl directly into your epoxy giving it a translucent effect and use for veining or dirty pours. Or you can add the pearl into a bottle with 91% isopropyl alcohol to spray over the surface in random patterns, creating a granular effect similar to real stone and giving your countertop, bartop or table top an extreme 3D effect. For more guidance see our Countertop Instructions Page. 

*** Again, this is a translucent color and will not color block your epoxy; not recommended for your initial base coat otherwise you will see the substrate underneath. 

*** Please note that this pearl powder does have an opal end result. This opal appearance can intensify over time in areas that receive even minimal sunlight.

If you are wanting a crisp white finish - please stick with the FX white pigment!

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