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Exclusive Exterior Product Coming SOON - Super Traxx Quartz Sand Coating

Posted by Madison on

Our exclusive outdoor sand coating SuperTraxx is coming to Countertop Epoxy! The only long term fix to spalling and damaged concrete, SuperTraxx is an innovative sand coating system that is taking over the market. This seamless coating fills fractures, expansion joints and saw cuts in concrete while creating a luxurious curb-appeal to all who see it. SuperTraxx is the perfect coating for any weather conditions! This durable quartz sand coating offers protection against extreme high and low temps and protection against hard impaction. Due to being chemical resistant SuperTraxx is durable enough to withstand the application of salt and other snow removal chemicals. Your driveway or patio will stand up to snow shovels as well as other heavy duty equipment, and frequent use.

Many benefits include:

 UV stable & low maintenance

 A high-end solution for almost any outdoor application

 No fading or yellowing

 Long term solution

 Fixes fractures & expansion joints

 Durable

 Weather resistant

 Unique patterns

 Quick installation

 Chemical resistant

SuperTraxx is applied using our special Outdoor Flexx Epoxy, and our Super Traxx Quartz Sand. Our colored quartz sand is formulated specifically to bond with Super Traxx Outdoor Flex Epoxy, and is the most durable material on the market. SuperTraxx is available in nine different colors including black, grey, and multiple tans as well as vibrant colors such as blue, green, turquoise, and red. You can use one solid color, multiple colors, and even create different patterns. It is entirely customizable to match any house and meet all expectations! Countertop Epoxy is incredibly excited to be able to offer this product to our DIYer’s and see what awesome exterior surfaces they create! Worried about installing it yourself? We have new advanced classes dedicated entirely to teaching the Super Traxx application process. Class prices and dates can be found on the drop-down products menu under “Epoxy Workshops”. Super Traxx is also taught in our four day resin workshop along with the rest of our products for a well-rounded learning experience in the world of epoxy. Check out both classes and sign up for the one that will help you the most!

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